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Playwrights... submit a new work that will compete to be TIP's first ever NEW WORK!

Here's how it works:


YOU (playwrights, composers, lyricists...)

  1. Think of an idea.

  2. Get writing! Or composing! Or BOTH!

  3. Sometime before midnight on September 16... submit your preliminary concept.

  4. Here's the link to submit.

  5. Stand by.

  6. TIP Staff will choose 3 submissions that we think would be great in our black box theatre.

  7. We'll choose the 3 finalists within 24 hours and announce on our facebook page and on our home page.

  8. Finalists will have until midnight on October 30 to submit their final script.

  9. (We will send finalists a link for final submission.)

  10. The winning script will be announced on or before November 6.

Don't forget... keep these things in mind when creating your piece:


  • Piece cannot have been previously produced.

  • Lighthearted, holiday themed preferred.

  • The plot of the piece does not need to revolve around a holiday, but elements of all holiday cheer would be appreciated.

  • 2 actors - actors playing multiple characters is encouraged but not required. Single characters are perfectly acceptable.

  • 45-60 minutes in length.

  • Plays, plays with music, and musicals will be accepted, but original musicals are preferred.

  • Any music used in either a play or musical must be original or in the public domain.

  • All styles of music will be accepted.

  • If music is performed live only piano or single instrument accompaniment will be allowed.

  • Pre-recorded musical tracks are acceptable.

  • Opportunities for song and dance are encouraged!

  • Pieces with multiple locations will be accepted, but please be mindful of locations and technical requirements.  As the production will be produced in the Black Box theatre a unit set production is preferred, but if locations can be traveled to representationally or easily multiple location pieces will be considered.

Process and Important Dates:

~September 16 – Preliminary concept due
~Three finalists will be chosen to move on to the full script portion of the contest.
~The winner and finalists will receive an honorarium for their work.
~All submissions will be blind to TIP Staff.
~October 30 – Final script due
~November 6 – Winning script announced
~November 8 – Auditions
~November 10 – Callbacks
~November 15-19 – Workshop week with director, playwright, composer, designers and cast
~November 11-Decemeber 3 – Rehearsals
~December 6-10 – Tech Week

~December 11 – 20 – Virtual Performances

Opening Night: December 11 at 7pm

December 12 - 2pm, 7:30pm
December 13 - 2pm
December 18 - 7:30pm
December 19 - 2p, 7:30pm
December 20 - 2pm