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Newsies show poster

Newsies show poster









Newsies show poster



Newsies show poster

Newsies show poster

Newsies show poster

Newsies show poster

ASL Interpretation evening August 1/Rainout date August 7

Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged "newsies."

When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what's right!

Based on the 1992 motion picture and inspired by a true story, Newsies features a Tony Award-winning score by Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors, Sister Act) and Jack Feldman and a book by Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein (Kinky Boots). Featuring the now classic songs “Carrying the Banner,” “Seize the Day,” and “Santa Fe,” Newsies is packed with non-stop thrills and a timeless message, perfect for the whole family and every audience.

Newsies runs approximately
2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.


Director: Julie Ewing
Choreographer: Lana Jensen
Musical Director/Conductor: Ashley Jones Rivers
Accompanist: Jonnie Brice
Stage Manager: Alisha Morris
Asst. Stage Manager: Averey Shaw
Asst. Stage Manager: Chuck Harper
Fight Choreographer: David Miller
Costume Designer: Fishing Lion Theatre Company
Props Designer: Brian Percival
Hair and Make-up Designer: John Hollan
Scenic Designer: David Powell
Lighting Designer: Bri Fuller
Sound Designer: Brady Rose


Jack Kelly - Austin Stang
Crutchie - Ryan Russell
Davey - Sheridan Mirador
Les - Liam Smith
Race/Newsie - Fisher Stewart
Albert/Newsie – Weston Thomas
Specs/Newsie – Austin Shively
Finch/Newsie – Maddox Bane
Romeo/Newsie – Hewleek McKoy
Elmer/Newsie – Wyatt Walberg
Mush/Newsie - Robin Robles
Henry Buttons/NY Newsie – Jackson Tomlin
Jojo/Scab 2/NY Newsie – Michael Bell
Tommy Boy/Scab 3/NY Newsie- Brett Oplotnik
Mike/Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie – Luke Harwerth
Spot Conlon/Newsie (Act 1) - Jeremiah Valenzuela
Katherine Plumber - McKenna Harvey
Darcy/Goon/NY Newsie – Sam Illum
Bill/Goon/NY Newsie – Chayston Simmons
Wiesel /Stage Manager/Mr. Jacobi/Mayor – Andrew Milbourn
Morris Delancey – Brian Houchin
Oscar Delancey - Cameron Gunter
Joseph Pulitzer – Michael Scahill
Seitz/Goon – Jonathan Arnold
Bunsen/Policeman/NY Newsie – Dalton DeVoe
Nunzio/Guard/Policeman/Roosevelt – Peter Leondedis
Nun 1/Hannah /Bowery Beauty 1/Policeman – Ramsey Self
Nun 2/Woman /Bowery Beauty 2/Photographer/Policeman – Kameron Cole
Nun 3/Medda Larkin/Policeman - Jenell Johnson
Snyder – Victor Gossage
Splasher/Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie – Jonah Brown
Ike/Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie - Paul Harwerth
Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie/Scab 1 - Johnny Dinh Phan
Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie – Aiden Reynolds


Act One
As Jack Kelly is savoring the last few moments of quiet before the sun rises, he shares with his best friend Crutchie his rooftop view of the city and his dream for a better life out West ("Santa Fe - Prologue"). At dawn, the newsies sing about their life and their work ("Carrying the Banner"), introducing this ramshackle group of young friends. They make their way to the distribution window for the World, where they pick up their daily stacks of papers to sell from Wiesel, who runs the window, and Morris and Oscar Delancey, goons who work for the World. Davey and Les, brothers trying to earn money for their family, meet the newsies and try to learn the ropes. Jack agrees to partner with the boys since Les's young age will help him sell more papers, although Davey is skeptical.

Meanwhile, Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the World, expresses displeasure at the declining sales of his newspaper and vows to increase profits ("The Bottom Line"), even if it is at the expense of the newsies.

At the end of the day, it's clear that Les is a natural newsie. Before Jack and the brothers can part ways, a man appears and chases Jack. Davey and Les follow Jack's lead, running through the alleys of New York and finding safety in Medda's Theater. Jack introduces them to Medda Larkin, one of the Bowery's most famous performers. Jack explains that the man chasing them is named Snyder; he runs The Refuge, an orphanage that he keeps in squalid conditions and embezzles from. He's had it out for Jack ever since he escaped. Medda offers her theater as a safe haven, and they stay to watch her perform ("That's Rich").

During Medda's performance, Jack notices Katherine, a bright young reporter he had seen earlier that day. A smitten Jack makes several attempts to flirt with her, but Katherine, quick-witted and ever-professional, cleverly rebuffs him. While the Bowery Beauties perform their routine, Jack resorts to sketching a portrait of Katherine ("I Never Planned on You / Don't Come a-Knockin'"), and leaves it for her to find.

The next day, as the newsies gather at the distribution window, the boys are outraged to learn that Pulitzer has increased their price for newspapers - they can barely afford to eat as it is! Prompted by Davey, the newsies decide to form a union and strike ("The World Will Know").

After a successful first day of striking, newly elected union leader Jack Kelly assigns some kids to spread the word to newsies in other boroughs.

Katherine arrives, hoping that the newsies will give her an exclusive for the Sun. Jack tells her to be at the distribution window the next morning; not only will the newsies prevent others from selling papers, but they plan to stop the delivery carts as well. He tells her that they all have a lot riding on her reporting skills, and Katherine gets to work writing her breakout article ("Watch What Happens").

The next day, Jack arrives to find that only a few kids have assembled to strike. He urges Davey to convince the small group not to back down. When scabs arrive to take the newsies' place, Jack asks them to stand in solidarity with all the city's exploited working children. The scabs throw down their papers, just in time for Katherine and her photographer to snap a victorious photo ("Seize the Day"). But soon the newsies engage in a fierce fight with the Delanceys, Wiesel, and the police. Snyder scares Jack away, but not before he watches the Delanceys take down Crutchie and carry him off to The Refuge. Reaching the temporary safety of his rooftop, Jack paces, feeling guilty about leading the kids into danger. He looks out over the city and longs to escape ("Santa Fe").

Act Two
Battered and bruised, the newsies lament the previous day's events at Jacobi's Deli. Amid rumors that Jack was captured, several newsies wonder where he is. Katherine arrives with a copy of the story she published in the Sun, complete with a front-page picture of the newsies. Ecstatically, they thank her and celebrate their - and Katherine's - fame ("King of New York"). Meanwhile, Crutchie writes a letter to Jack from The Refuge expressing that he feels no ill will toward Jack and urging the newsies to stick together ("Letter from The Refuge").

Davey, Les, and Katherine find Jack back at Medda's Theater and try to convince him to come back to the fight. Jack refuses, saying that they can't win against a man as powerful as Pulitzer. The three convince Jack that theirs is a fight worth fighting ("Watch What Happens - Reprise"); Jack finally agrees, and the kids plan a rally.

Discovering Katherine's story, Pulitzer furiously resolves to take down Jack. Just then, a cocky Jack arrives to announce the newsies' rally. Pulitzer assures Jack that no paper will cover it - and if it's not in the press, it never happened. He then reveals Katherine, exposing her as his daughter, and Snyder, who emerges from the shadows. Pulitzer offers Jack a choice: get sent to The Refuge or renounce the strike and leave New York with pockets full of cash. The Delanceys escort Jack to the cellar, where an old printing press rests, to ponder his decision ("The Bottom Line - Reprise").

That evening, Brooklyn newsies cross the bridge with Spot Conlon, their leader, to join newsies from every borough at Medda's theater for the rally ("Brooklyn's Here"). Davey gives an inspiring speech, riling up the newsies about their progress. However, Jack appears and tells them to go back to work because they are no match for Pulitzer. Jack accepts his payoff money at the door and exits quickly.

On his rooftop, Jack finds Katherine looking through his drawings of The Refuge's bleak conditions. He snatches them from her and they argue fiercely until she kisses him. Katherine shares her plan to have the newsies distribute an article which quotes Jack on the exploitation of working kids and calls for a citywide strike. Before heading to the old printing press Jack recently discovered, they share their hope in each other ("Something to Believe In").
With the help of Katherine and her well-connected friends, Darcy and Bill, the newsies sneak into Pulitzer's cellar to print their paper ("Once and for All"). The kids distribute the pamphlet all over the city.

Pulitzer's office is flooded with angry calls from every corner of New York. Having read the Newsies Banner, Pulitzer is furious at the kids' attempt to thwart him. Jack, Davey, and Spot show up ("Seize the Day - Reprise") to personally deliver the news and say that the kids are willing to make a compromise. Pulitzer refuses to back down until Governor Roosevelt appears with Katherine and Jack's drawings of The Refuge. Alone, Jack and Pulitzer come to an agreement they can both live with - the price increase is reduced by half, and publishers will buy back any unsold papers. The strike is over!

Outside, Jack announces the end of the strike. Crutchie appears amid the jubilation, followed by a handcuffed Snyder. Despite his dreams for Santa Fe, Jack realizes that the newsies are his family and Katherine gives him something to believe in - so he's staying put for now ("Finale Ultimo").