Congratulations to our cast and selected songs!


After reviewing the submitted songs, we have decided to frame the performance as a composer showcase.  The virtual performance will include performances from our cast as well as video clips about each of the composers.  Theatre in the Park is excited to showcase more than 15 composers through 12 songs... plus a few surprise additions.  The selected songs offer a wide variety of themes – from humor to love songs to thought provoking ballads. 

Check out the show page for all the details!

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Innovative Theatre Challenge 2021


Innovative Theatre ChallengeDo you have an idea for a script?  Looking for the motivation to put it on paper?  Consider yourself motivated!! 

We are looking for a 90 minute musical with a small cast. The original script and music must not be previously produced (in part or full) and all music should be either original or in the public domain. We would love a comedy, but we are open to stories from all genres.

Online submissions for script concepts is now OPEN! 
Check out the show page for more details.

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beginning December 19, 2020 at 8:00am.)

  What is the show about?

Dating is hard. Especially in the age of virtual meetings and endless swiping. Swipe left? Swipe right?
Whew. It’s a crap shoot.

But then… someone catches your eye!

Enter Jordan (a self-professed “Grinch”) and Taylor (owner of a delightful reindeer-antlered-hat… ‘nough said). Is it possible that Taylor can crack Jordan’s bah-humbug crusted heart and plant the seed of Christmas cheer? Or will it end up being just another cheer-less holiday?
After an endless stream of left swipes…
this might be the “right” one!

Digital Program!

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