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ANASTASIA, the musical
June 14 - 22, 2024

Directed by Barb Nichols

Actress playing AnyaStep into the grandeur and mystery of "Anastasia" as the musical transports you to a time of revolution, romance, and the enduring quest for identity. Set against the backdrop of 1920s Russia, the story unfolds with Anya, a resilient young woman plagued by amnesia and haunted by dreams of a past she can't remember.

When Anya encounters Dmitry, a charming conman with dreams as big as the Russian steppes, they embark on a daring journey to Paris, where they hope to reunite Anya with her royal family and claim the legacy that may rightfully be hers. Along the way, they are joined by Vlad, a witty and warm-hearted aristocrat who once served the Romanovs, and together they navigate a perilous path fraught with danger, betrayal, and the lingering shadows of the Russian Revolution.

Meanwhile, in a world still reeling from the echoes of war, Gleb, a conflicted Bolshevik officer, finds himself torn between duty and compassion as he grapples with his own connection to Anya's past.

With haunting melodies like "Once Upon a December" and stirring anthems like "My Petersburg," "Anastasia" weaves a tapestry of longing, resilience, and the enduring power of hope. As the characters confront their deepest fears and desires, they discover that the true meaning of home and identity may lie not in the past, but in the journey forward.

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June 28 - July 6, 2024

Directed by Amy Sander

"Anything Goes" is a classic musical set aboard the S.S. American, sailing from New York to England. The story follows the madcap antics of passengers and crew as they navigate love, mistaken identities, and comedic misunderstandings.

At the center of the chaos is Reno Sweeney, a charismatic nightclub singer with a heart of gold, who falls for the charming yet clueless Wall Street broker Billy Crocker. Complicating matters, Billy is infatuated with Hope Harcourt, an engaged debutante.

As the ship sets sail, secrets unravel, leading to a series of hilarious escapades involving disguises, blackmail, and slapstick humor.

Filled with iconic songs by Cole Porter such as "I Get a Kick Out of You," "You're the Top," and the titular "Anything Goes," the musical is a delightful romp through the glamorous world of 1930s ocean liners. With toe-tapping tunes, dazzling dance numbers, and witty dialogue, "Anything Goes" captures the essence of the era's sophistication and silliness.

Ultimately, love triumphs amidst the chaos, reminding audiences that sometimes, anything really does go when it comes to matters of the heart.

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