Seating Capacity: 4,000 (for concert type events - theatrical productions around 2,000 due to sight lines)

The Theatre bowl is fenced with 4 entry gates.

Tech Bunker (lights and sound)

6" conduits run underground from bunker to stage right and stage left towers.

Paved Parking:

200 spaces

Unpaved Parking:


Box Office:

4 windows, air conditioned

Concessions Building:

2 service lines, staff restroom, running water, air conditioning, backstage access 

Public Restrooms:

House Right: 28 Fixtures - 20 women, 8 men

House Left: 20 Fixtures -12 women, 8 men



Ground Plan of outdoor stage

Front View outdoor theatre

Download a file of the stage layout: CAD (DWG) Format or Front View PDF, Ground Plan PDF, Section PDF.


60 feet x 40 feet

Stage Deck Composition:

Poured concrete

Hanging Positions:

A Variety of static positions exist to hang.  Hardware not provided.

Orchestra Pit:

55 feet x 15 feet

Wing Size:

Both Stage Left and Stage Right are approximately 30 feet wide x 50 feet deep

Back Stage Power:

3 phase 400 amps (Stage Right)
3 phase 200 amps (Stage Left)
2 x 220 volt outlets with 1 x 150 foot extension cord for mobile Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms:

2 air conditioned dressing rooms each with: 27 dressing stations, 2 toilets, 2 sinks,
ceiling fans, mirrors, mirror lights, and clothes racks, video and audio monitors.

Back Stage Parking:

Fenced, blacktop with approximately 30 parking spaces

Back Stage Access:

Sufficient access for semis and over-the-road vehicles


Seating Capacity:
          300 (depending on the performance style and setup)
          The Black Box theatre has two entrances.

Paved Parking:
          284 spaces
          Shared parking lot with the Arts and Heritage Center

Box Office:
          Public WIFI access available
          You may have a table set up in the lobby run by your organization
          TIP Box office may be used for an additional fee (contact Sarah Vogelsberg for more information)

          Not provided by TIP, but you may bring your own.
          You may have a table set up in the lobby run by your organization



Black Box Theatre Layout diagram

Download a file of the stage and space layout: JPEG Format

          60 feet x 60 feet

Stage Deck Composition:
          Sprung finished plywood surface

Hanging Positions:
          A variety of static positions exist to hang through the tension grid. Hardware not provided.

Green Room:
          Callboard, Corner couch, two small round tables, four chairs, two stools, 8 ft of counter space, mini fridge, Keurig, TV with video and audio of the                black box

          Dressing Rooms: 2 identical dressing rooms (labeled A and B) each containing…
               10 dressing stations.
               Each station includes a chair, mirror, mirror lights, small hanging rack and shelf , and an 8ft rolling rack.
               TV with video and audio of the black box, standing fan, call board, one sink, one toilet, one broom with dustpan

Back Stage Access:
          Loading dock in the scene shop accessible from the back of the building