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Directed by Julie Ewing


Theatre in the Park is committed to inclusivity and a flexible, imaginative casting policy. We also strive to be culturally conscious as it pertains to social and historical content. Performers of all ethnicities, all racial backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, and all body sizes and types are encouraged to audition!

Note: Based on the content of this production, performers under the age of 18 at the time of auditions must have parental approval before auditioning for the show.

Auditions: In Person and Video Audition options, no dance at auditions
Callbacks: By invitation only

Complete an audition form HERE

IN PERSON AUDITIONS: Sunday July 14, 2024 4p-6p at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center 8788 Metcalf OP, KS 66212

Video Auditions: See information below.


Callbacks are by invitation only and will be held Saturday July 20, 2024 from 12p to 3p.

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Everyone auditioning is required to complete an online audition form available HERE (form is live July 1, 2024)

  • Auditionees may choose a one hour time slot, 4p-5p or 5p-6p, on Sunday July 14, 2024 and you will be seen during that hour.

  • Audition numbers will automatically be assigned when you choose your time slot at the end of the online audition form process.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

  • The audition form will automatically turn off at 3pm on Sunday July 14 - you must complete the form before this time to audition. 

  • Those auditioning by video must complete the audition form  HERE (form is live July 1, 2024) and select "I will be auditioning by video" and copy and paste your video link into the form. REMEMBER TO CHECK the privacy settings to make sure your video is viewable by our directing team.

  • Video Auditions must be submitted by 11:59pm Saturday July 13, 2024.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Callbacks (if needed) will be by invitation only and WILL be in person on Saturday July 20, 2024 starting at 12pm




Character descriptions:


Note: We have provided audition cuts for each princess that you may use in lieu of preparing an open call audition.  If you have a specific role in mind and would like to audition with the cut below, you are more than welcome!


Snow White
Audition Cut Option

Brassy and self-assured. The leader of the princess pack who likes to be in control. Also has a loving, maternal instinct. Aspires to be perfect, but she soon realizes that being perfectly ‘you’ is more important. Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Audition Cut Option

Perky, quirky, and impish. She’s always enthusiastic, especially when it comes to being a real life princess, but is about to discover that there’s more to being a princess than pretty gowns and shiny glass slippers. Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Sleeping Beauty
Audition Cut Option

The perfect comic foil to Snow White. Always the flippant and unpredictable cut-up. She loves to dance (sometimes uncontrollably) and is a fantastic physical comedienne. She enjoys being perfectly and uniquely herself. Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Audition Cut Option

A smart and witty bookworm from classic French lit who inexplicably speaks and sings with an American accent. She chats with inanimate objects, cleans up after her beast of a husband … and it’s slowly driving her insane. Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Hua Mulan
Audition Cut Option

A legendary folk hero of Asian descent from the poem The Ballad of Mulan. She has a good-natured sense of humor while maintaining a respect for her culture. She is excited to come out onstage and, through her heartfelt story, reveal her true self. Actress should be Asian.

The Little Mermaid
Audition Cut Option

Once innocent and obedient, she’s now rowdy and rebellious. Having regretfully given up her seemingly idyllic life under the sea, she copes with her new reality through inappropriate yet hilarious comedy. She is the life of the party! Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Audition Cut Option

Plucky, valiant. She has been homogenized by an entertainment industry willing to distort her true Native-American story just to sell cinema tickets. As she comically mocks her glammed up portrayal in Hollywood cartoons, she is on a journey to restore her authentic, historical self. Actress should be Native American.

The Princess Who Kissed The Frog
Audition Cut Option

Having been left out of the kingdom for decades, this Black princess is here to claim her throne and celebrate inclusivity and diversity in fairy tales. Confident; clever with a turn of phrase, loves a funny pop culture reference. Wonderfully witty; joyous. Actress should be Black.

Audition Cut Option

American capitalism won’t turn this campy, Mel Brooksian songstress into a damsel in distress. Nein! Brunehildesque, strong, and fun-loving, she’s bent on getting her fair share from those who make bank off fairy tale princesses. Actress can be any race or ethnicity.

Princess Badroulbadour
Audition Cut Option

Originally from the South-Asian-turned-Middle-Eastern Aladdin sagas, this sultan’s daughter has had enough of being secondary in her own tale. Misogyny begone! It’s a whole new world and this independent and puckish princess is taking her story back! Actress should be South-Asian or Middle Eastern.

Note: The roles of each princess must be played by actors of the listed ethnicity.  Theatre in the Park will conduct as wide of a search as necessary to find the appropriate actress for each role.  If the show is not able to be cast ethnically appropriate, the title will change.


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Before you decide to audition, please seriously consider any potential schedule conflicts or other performance opportunities that may interfere with your commitment to the show you may be cast in.

Check the Master Rehearsal and Performance Calendar for this show

Everyone is required to participate in the vocal portion of the audition.
NOTE: For "Disenchanted" we have provided Audition Cuts for each specific Princess if you would like to use those in lieu of choosing a different audition song.  We'll provide the accompanist for your vocal audition. 

There will not be a dance taught at auditions. 
If a dance audition is needed, it will take place during callbacks.


Video Audition Requirements

  • COMPLETE AN AUDITION FORM HERE (form is live July 1, 2024)

  • No more than 90 seconds in total length, filmed in landscape.

  • State your first and last name. 

  • Tell us the title of the song and the artist/songwriter. NOTE: For "Disenchanted" we have provided Audition Cuts for each specific Princess if you would like to use those in lieu of choosing a different audition song. 

  • Check the privacy settings when you upload your video to make sure it is viewable by our team. You may upload to any video site that allows access to the video via a link EXCEPT: Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Sit or Stand, but stay in frame.

  • No dance audition is needed at this time.

  • Performance Reels will not be viewed by the directing team.