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Welcome to the Theatre in the Park Blue Curtain Project!

Theatre in the Park presents professional theatre through a new initiative focused on educational theatre for the ever-growing young mind.  This project presents plays and musicals at the performance level you've come to know and love with Theatre in the Park, while choosing stories that invite audiences to think AND learn.  Activities and workshops tied to current educational standards surround each performance.

This project has the ability to hire professional actors who perform at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center for school and local field trips, as well as take the show on the road to area schools and learning centers!


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The Blue Curtain Project will announce it's Fall tour production soon!
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a photo of cast members in Awesome Allie

"Awesome Allie: First Kid Astronaut" - Spring 2024

In the Spring of 2024, the Blue Curtain Project presented "Awesome Allie: First Kid Astronaut" which took students on a journey to outer space!

Yesterday Allie was just a normal kid, but today she’s headed into outer space! With the help of her trusty talking dog Captain Chaos and Rover the Dancing Robot from Mars, Allie’s on a mission across the solar system to save Earth, and maybe learn some things about science along the way. But she’d better be home in time for dinner! Grab your space suit and get ready for an adventure that’s out of this world!

With educational standards in Engineering, Planetary Science, Social/Emotional Learning, Math and more, students were engaged and excited throughout the tour and loved learning the "Groove-powered, Sugar-high Sparkle Rocket" dance after each performance!


"Frida Libre" - Fall 2023

The Blue Curtain Project's inaugural tour, "Frida Libre" dove into the history and heritage of Frida Kahlo.  Students were enamored with the story, sights, and sounds of the show!

Alex may seem like a quiet, shy boy, but he secretly holds big ideas inside his head. He wants to be a luchador (wrestler) and defeat bad guys in the ring. His life changes when he meets brave and colorful Frida, an unusual girl who dreams of being a doctor so she can help people. Forced to do a science project together on butterflies and metamorphosis, the pair discovers how true friendship can help you overcome fear and transform your dreams into reality. 

Educational standards include Fine Art, Hispanic Heritage, Theatre, Biology, and more!  Students loved learning choreography to "Los Huesos" following the production  where they learned the bones of the body through dance and song!

A photo of a production of Frida Libre


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Each Blue Curtain Project production comes with a 4 Step Educational Process for your young learners!


Step 1

A Blue Curtain Project performer visits the classroom(s) for a Pre Performance Engagement lesson a week before the performance.

Step 2

Educators are given a State Standard Curated Educational Resource Guide including lessons in Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Math, Writing, and Social/Emotional Learning

Step 3

Enjoy a field trip to the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center OR have the show come to YOUR school tailored to fit your space and needs.

Step 4

Choose between three Post Show Activities that cater to your school’s current curriculum – this can be taught by a member of our staff or supplies given to your educators.


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Performance, Pre-Engagement Lesson, and Educational Resource Guide have been curated with Kansas Sate Department of Educational Standards in Health, Dance & Creative Movement, Fine Arts, Writing, Math, Science, Music, and Social Studies.


Enjoy a Field Trip to the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center, or a Tour performance that comes to YOUR school!

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The Theatre in the Park Blue Curtain Project will bring excellent educational theatre experiences to our local and regional communities through diverse stories that address current educational standards and enlighten hearts, challenge minds and fill spirits.


The Blue Curtain Project will set the standard for all educational theatre across America.