Alumni Memories

It’s our 50th season and we want to celebrate YOU!

Immortalize your Theatre in the Park experience and share your journey down your road to success from our stage to the world’s stage. We’re extending an invitation to our former and current performers, musicians, artistic teams, run crew… patrons… ANYONE who has been involved with helping Theatre in the Park make it to our 50th Season.
No… really… ANYONE!
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We would like to recognize this milestone throughout the season and we are asking YOU to contribute by sending in information that we can use in one of two ways:

      Program Timeline

          Along the bottom of the pages in our 50th season programs we’ll create a timeline of milestones and           important dates and events. We’d like to include some of our participants who have chosen to continue their           theatrical careers and have gone on to professional entertainment careers: actors, musicians, dancers,           singers, published theatre writers, professional crew … anyone working professionally in the theatre or           Hollywood world!

      Alumni Memories Page @

          Theatre in the Park has already begun an on-line archive which we want to add to significantly this
          year and continue to add to over the years. Share with us how Theatre in the Park has played a role in your   
          life. We will also create an “Alumni Memories” page on our site that will live on forever!


This is exactly how you can get involved… it’s easy!


      Program Timeline

          Deadline: Please submit your information by April 22, 2019.
          What are we looking for? If you have participated at Theatre in the Park and have gone on to work in the
          field professionally, please send us your story. Here’s some stuff we’re REALLY looking for…

               • What was your first show was at Theatre in the Park? What year?
               • Were there any other memorable roles you had during your time at Theatre in the Park?
               • If you have pictures from your Theatre in the Park days to accompany this, please send them along.
               • Please share your experience about Theatre in the Park, how it inspired your career choice, and
                 anything else you would like to share.
               • A short bio (under 250 words) of what you have done since your park days.
               • Tell us if you are a member of any professional unions including: AEA, SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, IATSE,
                 The Musician’s Union, Writer’s Guild, etc. (There are lots!)
               • Please send a current headshot, if possible, and photos of professional shows, even candids, as is
                 permitted by your contracts.
               • Now is not the time to be shy! If you have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar or Tony on your mantle, let us                  know. If you have won other awards of note or made the cover of Time, please don’t be shy about sharing                  that.

      Alumni Memories Page @

          The page will give us the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the many ways Theatre in the Park has           enriched the community.

          We want as many of your memories as possible to help us build this page by April 22, 2019, but we will           continue to add to this page throughout the years to come!  Please send us any personal stories you would           like to share about Theatre in the Park.
               • What kind of stories are we looking for?
                    • Is this where you met your spouse?
                    • Is this where you or your child saw your first live musical theater production?
                    • Did you propose from that stage?
                    • Are you or is your child or grandchild a second or third generation performer at Theatre in the Park?
                    • Did a particular show bring you joy, make you cry, or think or inspire you?
                    • Please share photos from any era!
                         • Tell us what you know about the photo and identify any people in it that you can.
                         • These photos can be from auditions, rehearsals, audience shots, show photos, galas, cast                          parties, and the like.
                         • Videos are also welcome.

And finally…

Do you know someone who should be included in this celebration? PLEASE forward this email to as many people as you can think of who have Theatre in the Park affiliations. Feel free to send us email addresses and other contact information for people that we may not have on this list.


OK… now you’ve heard it all.


How can YOU be a part of the 50th celebration? It’s easy!


Email your memories and photos to


We have so much to celebrate and look back on over the last 50 seasons. What a legacy Theatre in the Park has become. We are very much looking forward to your help celebrating 50 fabulous seasons!

Many thanks to Debbie Huffman our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator for spearheading this tremendous effort for our 50th season celebration!


Please Note: Any information that you share with us may be included in the program timeline or other Theatre in the Park marketing efforts.