Indoor callbacks

Spelling Bee poster


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee cast list will be posted by January 27, 2023 at noon.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! 


Callback Information

Callbacks will begin promptly at
6pm on Tuesday Jnauary 24, 2023
at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center
(same place as auditions).

Please accept or decline your callback

by notifying stage management  ASAP.

Rehearsal Calendar - once the show is cast a more detailed schedule will be provided by the team.


What to bring to callbacks:

  • There may be a dance portion fo the callback.  Please bring shoes/clothes you can dance in.

  • Check the list below for names of those actors being called back.

  • If you are called back, please take note of the role/roles.

  • The only callback material is vocal. The performance callback will consist of cold reads of script selections and improv activities based on the character breakdown


Please print out the packet for EACH role you are called back for and bring it with you to callbacks.
Copies will not be available at callbacks.


Charlito “Chip” Tolentino, Leaf Coneybear, William Barfee
Marcy Park, Logainne “Schwartzy”
Mitch Mahoney
Olive Ostrovsky
Vice Principal Douglas Panch
Rona Lisa Peretti



callback list

#16 Cole, Kameron: Marcy Park, Mitch Mahoney              
#19 Downs, Abbey: Olive Ostrovsky                        
#2 Copaken, Jamie: Charlito “Chip” Tolentino                     
#23 Mendoza-Holt, Travis: William Barfee, Charlito “Chip” Tolentino        
#27 Richardson, Joy: Rona Lisa Peretti                   
#28 Hildebrand, Emma: Logainne “Schwartzy”, Olive Ostrovsky   
#5 Schupp, Simon: Charlito “Chip” Tolentino, Leaf Coneybear, Mitch Mahoney
#51 Hines, Jenny: Rona Lisa Peretti                         
#53 Golladay, Alyson: Olive Ostrovsky, Rona Lisa Peretti 
#56 Ariel, Brooke: Olive Ostrovsky, Logainne “Schwartzy”             
#57 Knudson, Haley: Olive Ostrovsky, Logainne “Schwartzy”        
#58 Morrison, Joel: Charlito “Chip” Tolentino, Leaf Coneybear, Vice Principal Douglas Panch
#6 Gilmore, Luke: Charlito “Chip” Tolentino, Leaf Coneybear        
#61 Brand, Miranda: Rona Lisa Peretti                   
#63 Hicks, Daniel: William Barfee                            
#69 Montoya, Sarah: Rona Lisa Peretti                  
#7 QuickMcCormick, Katelynn: Olive Ostrovsky, Marcy Park         
#71 Verschelden, Daniel: William Barfee , Mitch Mahoney             
#73 Robison, Matthew: William Barfee, Mitch Mahoney 
#74 Michael, Jessica: Logainne “Schwartzy”                        
(Video) Francisco, Tony: William Barfee                
(Video) Harper, Tyler: Olive Ostrovsky, Marcy Park           
(Video) Hobley, Andrea: Marcy Park                       
(Video) Martin, David: Vice Principal Douglas Panch                        
(Video) Peterson, Raleigh: Logainne “Schwartzy”                             
(Video) Roberts, Haley: Marcy Park, Logainne “Schwartzy”           
(Video) Vargo, Emily: Olive Ostrovsky, Logainne “Schwartzy”       

NOTE: additional attendees by invitation only

REMINDER: email the show's stage manager to accept/decline callback, and download the callback materials for each role listed next to your name!