Many times, the themes of the shows we present on our stage lend themselves to partnering with other great organizations in our city that fall in line with our mission of "enhancing the lives in our communities."

This year, we're thrilled to shine the TTIP spotlight on three organizations that do really great things in our community.

We hope you will join us in supporting each of these organization's great work, and our continuing mission of enhancing EVERYONE'S life in our community!

HONK! is based on the time honored story of the ugly duckling by Hans Chrisian Andersen. WHAT A GREAT STORY... and WHAT A GREAT BOOK! So... we're partnering with our friends at REACH OUT AND READ, to collect gently used or new books for kids all across our metropolitan area. Just bring a book with you to any performance of HONK! and we'll give you a free box of popcorn. A little treat for your kindness!

ANOTHER GREAT BOOK! (Mark Twain sure knew how to write 'em!) We know there are LOTS of books sitting around that have been read, re-read, and read again! Now it is time to pass them along. Our friends at HIKE (and the Trent Green Family Foundation and Phoenix Family) will take your books... pass them along, and help promote literacy right here in KC! Bring a book to any performance of THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER... and get popcorn. (We know... we talk a lot about our popcorn... but we're telling you... it's REALLY good popcorn!)

RAGTIME is based on the novel by E. L. Doctorow... a really great story about families and surviving. Some families had it easy. Some had it hard. It's the goodness of the human spirit that steps up and inspires us to reach out and help our neighbors when they are in need. We're VERY happy to partner with our friends at GIVING THE BASICS for the third year. Many people sufffer in silence... in need... of the most basic of life's necessities. Some people find themselves in challenging curcumstances... in need of personal care products. Imagine not being able to afford toilet paper... soap... tooth paste...! YOU CAN HELP! Bring an item (or 10!) with you to any production of RAGTIME, and we'll give you a coupon for a free box of popcorn (again with the popcorn!). It's a very small thank you for doing what you can to help those members of our community in need.