Lifelong learning! 

No matter your level of expertise, there is always something new to learn!

Theatre is more than a form of entertainment; it is a tool to enrich the lives of the participants as well as the patrons experiencing the show.  Performing, creating, and appreciating theatre brings richness and meaning to our heritage and culture. 


Join us to expand your theatrical knowledge! 


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 2024 TIP Mainstage Summer Camps

Intro to Stage Management June 10 - June 14 Ages 12 - 17

The Stage Manager is the most integral role in a theatrical production.  From running Pre-Production Meetings, to calling the final cue of the show, the Stage Manager has a hand in all parts of the show.  This camp will focus on what it means to be a Stage Manager and what all that means from start to final bow.  Participants will gain imperative skills as they begin their training in the world of Stage Management. Sign up here! 

Intro to Stage & SFX Makeup June 17 - June 12 Ages 12 - 17

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It's time to TRANSFORM utilizing the power of Makeup!  This camp will dive right into what it means to "paint a face" for the stage -  as well as begin an introduction into Special Effects Makeup design.  Makeup can be used to truly transform the performer into a beautiful showgirl, a scary witch, or even a zombie!  No previous experience is necessary and makeup will be provided for all participants! Sign up here!)

Lights up!  Designing lighting for theatrical productions has been going on since the beginning of theatre.  Lighting has changed immensely with new and wonderful technology that lets a lighting designer truly set the mood.  This camp will introduce participants to what it means to be a designer, as well as focus on the technical elements of lighting instruments. Sign up here! 

The 2024 Summer Olympics have gone BACKSTAGE!  Join us for a three day intensive where participants will split into teams and compete in the Tech Theatre Olympics!  All games will include aspects of education and excitement as teams compete in categories like Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Makeup, Stage Management, Run Crew, and more!  Tech Theatre Teams will also compete with Performing Arts Teams! Sign up here! 

Full - Accepting Waitlist

It's the techie's time to shine!  Participants in this camp will begin their career backstage as they learn what it means to be in Technical Theatre.  Introductions will be made to all aspects including Lighting, Sound, Stage Management, Costume Design, Run Crew, and more.  This is the perfect first step into the world of a techie, and a great step for someone who wants to try something new! Sign up here! 

What does it mean to "put on a show"?  This camp will dive into ALL aspects of mounting a production and will focus on the business and marketing aspects of a production.  Participants will create their own theatre company and work with the Performing Arts Theatre Academy to market and "sell" their show.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone to show their skills with their cell phone! (I know..we can't believe it either!!) Sign up here! 

This one-week Tech Theatre Specialty Camp will focus on the scenic design elements that create the physical space of a show and explore the scenic designer?s role on the directing team. Participants will dive deep into the design process for a show chosen by the group from options provided by the teaching artists. Participants will have an opportunity to share their design with TIP staff in a mock design presentation. Sign up here! 

This camp will be held at Theatre in the Park's outdoor scene shop where the TIP scenic crew will be busy working on "Sister Act".  This camp will give participants the opportunity to interact with the TIP scenic crew and have hands on experiences over a variety of tech elements.  Participants will design and decorate a photobooth and produce props themed to "Sister Act" that will be used by patrons attending the performances. Sign up here! 

Hadestown Tech Crew

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This two week camp will focus on the tech elements of a production of "HADESTOWN: Teen Edition".  The production will use participants in Performing Arts, Fine Arts, and TIP Mainstage camps as they come together to produce a one of a kind show for audiences.  The Tech Crew will work with Teaching Artists to handle all of the technical aspects of the production including sound, stage management, and running the show! Sign up here! 



***Don't forget you will need to create JCPRD login to ActiveNet to register for classes!***