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Anastasia show poster

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Anastasia show poster

Anastasia show poster

Anastasia show poster


  ASL Interpretation evening June 6/Rain date June 12June 15/Rain date June 22


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ALL OUTDOOR Performances begin at 8:30pm.  TIP Box Office opens at 7pm on performance evenings.  Gates to the seating area open at 7:30pm.

Anastasia: The Musical
runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.


From Tony winners Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, creators of such Broadway classics as Ragtime and Once On This Island, this dazzling show transports its audience from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.

Helmed by Tony Award-winning director Darko Tresnjak, Anastasia made its world premiere at Hartford Stage in Connecticut, completing a sold-out, record-breaking run before transferring to Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre on March 23, 2017. Anastasia has also been seen on national tour in the United States and garnered Best Musical awards in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.


Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens 
Inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Pictures by special arrangement with Buena Vista Theatrical 
From the play by Marcelle Maurette as adapted by Guy Bolton 

ANASTASIA is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

Production Team:

Director: Barb Nichols
Stage Manager: Katie Blinn
Asst Stage Managers: Alisha Morris and Marlee Bell
Accompanist: Ben Wray          
Vocal Director/Conductor: James Levy
Choreographer: Ann McCroskey
Costume Designer/Coordinator: Patricia Berning
Props Designer/Coordinator: Frank Gentile
Fight Choreographer: Chris Gleeson
Assistant Costumer/Wardrobe Supervisor: Taylor Jo Zimmerman
Assistant Choreographer: Millie Bell
Scenic Designer: Kelli Harrod   
Hair & Makeup Designer: John Hollan

Lighting Designer: Justin Dudzik
Sound Designer: Brady Rose

Anastasia Orchestra

James Levy - MD/Conductor
Ben Wray - Keys 1
Deana Wagoner - Keys 2
Kaytee Dietrich - Reed 1
Joe Gall - Reed 2
James Barton - Reed 3
Julia Davis - Violin 1
Emily Winterburg - Violin 2/Viola
Lucas Roach - Cello
Devin Ellman - Bass
Lee Hake - Trumpet
Stacy Lendt - Horn
Lee Finch - Trombone
Ben Ellman - Drum Set/Percussion


Anya / Princess Anastasia - Mary Ann Traxler Rosinski
Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna - Erica Baruth
Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch - Krista Eyler
Dmitry - Bryson Kendall
Vlad Popov - Mishi Schueller
Gleb Vaganov - Tom Nelson
Tsarina Alexandra/Marfa/Ensemble - Whitney Armstrong
Young Anastasia/Swan Lake Ballet/Ensemble - Eva Smith
Tsar Nicholas II/Count Ipolitov/Swan Lake Ballet/Ensemble - Rob Reeder
Maria Romanov/Ballet Trio/Ensemble - Delainey Mock
Swan Lake Ballet/Ensemble - Sebastian Gonzalez-Layton
Little Anastasia/Alexi Romanov - Nora Dixon
Gorlinskly/Count Leopold/Ensemble - Joell Ramsdell
Tatiana Romanov/Paulina/Swan Lake Ballet/Ensemble - Nicole Scheier
Olga Romanov/Odette in Swan Lake/Ensemble - Maria Kennedy
Doorman/Ensemble - Jamie Copaken
Dunya/Ensemble - Jasmine Hall
Usher/Ensemble - Johnny Dinh Phan

Caroline Petersma
Riley Moore
Delilah Pellow
Kay Noonan
Max Elmore
Zach Newkirk

Steven Scheffe
David Thompson


In 1907 St. Petersburg, the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna comforts her youngest granddaughter Anastasia, who is saddened by the fact that her grandmother is moving to Paris. Before leaving, the Dowager Empress gives Anastasia a music box as a parting gift ("Prologue: Once Upon a December"). Ten years later, a teenaged Anastasia is attending a ball with her family when the Bolsheviks invade the palace. As the Romanovs attempt to escape, Anastasia attempts to retrieve her music box only to be shot and presumed dead along with the rest of her family.

Act I
Gleb Vaganov, a general for the Bolsheviks who now controls Russia, announces to the gloomy Russians that the now-poor Saint Petersburg has been renamed Leningrad, and he promises a bright and peaceful future. The Russians protest this change but are uplifted by a rumor that Anastasia may have survived the Bolshevik attacks. Two wanted con men, the handsome young Dmitry and an ex-member of the Imperial Court named Vlad Popov, hear the rumors and brainstorm “the biggest con in history”, in which they will groom a naive girl to become Anastasia in order to extract money from the Dowager Empress ("A Rumor in St. Petersburg"). Behind Gleb’s back, Dmitry and Vlad hold unsuccessful auditions for the scheme at the theater in the abandoned Yusupov Palace. Just as they are about to give up hope of finding a suitable imposter, a young street sweeper named Anya walks in to ask Dmitry about paperwork to get tickets for Paris. Vlad and Dmitry dismiss her, but Anya vaguely remembers that she was at the theater long ago and talks of a time when she saw a play there. Dmitry and Vlad become fascinated as Anya explains that she doesn’t remember who she is and has very few memories of her past ("In My Dreams"). Amazed by her memory loss and resemblance to Anastasia, they select Anya as their impostor.

At the capital, government workers sort through rumors and reports for any that require further action. Three bitter actresses report Anya, Dmitry, and Vlad's plot to Gleb, but he dismisses them and files a case for Anya. Back at the palace, Vlad and Dmitry groom a feisty Anya to become Anastasia through history, dining, and dancing lessons. Months later, Anya is poised to meet the Dowager Empress ("Learn to Do It") when she is arrested in the streets and turned over to Gleb. Gleb, having feelings for her, warns her about the consequences of pretending to be Anastasia and tries to convince her that Anastasia is really dead. He assumes this because his father was the one who shot the Romanovs and living across the street from Ipatiev House, Gleb, as a boy, heard the gunshots and their screams. However, Gleb notices that Anya has the "Romanov eyes" and realizes that Anya could be Anastasia. He lets her off with a warning ("The Neva Flows").

Anya reunites with Dmitry and they are attacked by his old con partners, whom they must fight off. Dmitry is impressed by her fighting skills and when Anya notes that he has it much easier as a boy, Dmitry dismisses that claim. He explains that his father was a revolutionary against the Bolsheviks and was killed in one of their camps and with his mother being dead, he had to take care of himself. ("My Petersburg"). Dmitry begins to trust her enough to show her a music box that he’s failed to open, unaware it is the memento that was given to Anastasia by the Dowager Empress. Anya easily winds and opens the box and begins to vaguely remember her past, including an imperial ball many years ago ("Once Upon a December"). In return, Anya gives Dmitry her most prized possession, a diamond that was found sewn to her dress when she was discovered as a girl ("A Secret She Kept"). They reunite with Vlad and Anya gives them the diamond to obtain tickets to Paris.

At the train station, Count Ipolitov recognizes Anya as Anastasia and kisses her hand. As they board the train to Paris, Count Ipolitov leads everyone in a prayer of farewell to Russia ("Stay, I Pray You"). During the train ride, Anya, Dmitry, and Vlad reflect on what they hope to accomplish in Paris: Anya hoping to discover that she is actually Anastasia, Dmitry’s desire for the money, and Vlad hoping to win back Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch, the Dowager Empress’s lady-in-waiting with whom he had an affair ("We’ll Go From There"). Count Ipolitov is fatally shot by the police for illegally boarding the train. Triggered by the gunfire, Anya experiences an emotional breakdown and Dmitry comforts her. The police officers then go after them since they are wanted criminals in Russia and they jump off the train, narrowly avoiding capture.

As they travel across Russia by foot, the head general of the Bolsheviks, Gorlinsky, orders Gleb to follow Anya and kill her. Gleb agrees to the task, but he realizes that he is in love with Anya and questions his heart ("Still"). Anya, Vlad, and Dmitry finally arrive in France, and as they travel to Paris, Anya summons the courage to continue on and hopes that she will finally discover who she is ("Journey to the Past").

Act II
Anya, Vlad, and Dmitry arrive in Paris and are swept up by the sounds and the sights of the city ("Paris Holds the Key (to Your Heart)"). When Vlad and Dmitry go off on their own, Anya visits the Pont Alexandre III bridge, named after her own grandfather, and feels a strong connection to it and starts to vaguely remember her grandmother's promise ("Crossing a Bridge").

Now a bitter, elderly woman, the Dowager Empress reads the letters of various Anastasia impersonators and, heartbroken, gives up hope of finding Anastasia ("Closing the Door"). As Gleb arrives in Paris, Lily parties at the Neva Club, where rich and noble Russians reminisce about the old Russia ("Land of Yesterday"). Lily is reunited with Vlad, with whom she is angry for stealing her jewelry. The two rekindle their scandalous romance and Vlad convinces her to let Anya meet the Dowager Empress at the ballet the next night ("The Countess and the Common Man"). But, Vlad accidentally drops the ballet tickets and Gleb, overhearing their plans, picks up their tickets ("Land of Yesterday" Reprise Lyrics).

At the hotel, Anya has a nightmare about her family and the execution. Dmitry comforts her and recounts a story of how he bowed to Anastasia at a parade as a young boy. Anya vividly remembers this, and the two realize that Anya is indeed the Grand Duchess Anastasia ("In a Crowd of Thousands").

At the ballet, Vlad suspects that Anya and Dmitry are falling in love and is heartbroken that the two can never be together ("Meant to Be"). During the performance of “Swan Lake”, Anya sees the Dowager Empress and remembers her. The Dowager Empress also sees Anya and recognizes her, but clings to denial. Dmitry and Gleb (who is conflicting to shoot Anya) reflect on their romantic feelings for Anya ("Quartet at the Ballet").

After the ballet, Lily also recognizes Anya as Anastasia and immediately takes her to the Dowager Empress. Dmitry is anxious about the meeting and realizes that he is in love with Anya, but knows he must let her go to her family ("Everything to Win"). Anya leaves the meeting enraged, having learned from the Dowager Empress that Vlad and Dmitry intended to use her in their scheme for money. As she storms off, Dmitry waits for the Dowager Empress. Marie coldly dismisses him off, but Dmitry disrespectfully stops her. He begs her to see Anya and when she refuses again, he damns her and Russia. Impressed by Dmitry’s courage to stand up to her, she agrees to see Anya.

At their hotel, Anya stops her packing to speak with Marie. She is shocked by the Dowager Empress’s cruelty, asserting that she isn’t the nana that Anya remembered. The Dowager Empress angrily questions Anya about her past and the Romanov Family, but Anya compels her to reflect on the person she has become over last twenty years. Anya suddenly remembers the night that the Dowager Empress left her for Paris. When Anya produces the music box and sings the lullaby, the Dowager Empress finally realizes that Anya is Anastasia and the two embrace, now reunited after twenty years ("Once Upon a December Reprise").

A press conference is held the next morning, where Vlad and Lily try to fend off the hungry reporters ("The Press Conference"). Before appearing in public, Anya expresses misgivings about her future life as a princess. The Dowager Empress notices her anxiety and insists that no matter what she chooses, they’ll be together. Anya runs off to think and realizes that she is in love with Dmitry, and decides that she must go after him ("Everything to Win Reprise"). As she turns to leave, Anya sees that Gleb has slipped in and locked them in the room. She realizes why he is there and Gleb says that he must kill her to complete his father’s mission. Anya now clearly remembers the day her family was killed and, without fear, taunts him to kill her so that she can be with her family. Overcome with emotion and not willing to bear the shame of his father, Gleb is unable to kill Anya ("Still/The Neva Flows Reprise"). Anya comforts Gleb and they call a truce.

Vlad, Lily, and the palace staff search for Anya and the Dowager Empress is joyful, knowing that Anya is now where she belongs. She and Gleb announce to their people that the rumors of Anastasia will now cease. Anya finds Dmitry at Pont Alexandre III, where they embrace. The couple leaves Paris as the spirits of the Romanovs celebrate the life that Anya and Dmitry will have together ("Finale").

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